1. 5 levels cabinet
  2. Contenitore modulare
    Design Mauro Mori (1996)
    Design Mauro Mori Design year 1996
    Mauro Mori on his own work: "My work develops through the reading of symbols and symbolism, sometimes taken from our everyday life and sometimes sought in precise historical periods and geographical settings and then translated into a contemporary and personal language. My research changes, continuously transforming and maturing. It alternates between induction and deduction. It belongs to today and it adapts to the everyday life which surrounds me and is constantly updating."
    Design Piero Lissoni
    Design Piero Lissoni
    Ex-Libris is a precious bookcase unit both to the eye and touch, designed to range and display rich collections. The self-standing structure consists of black painted uprights and melamine base unit and top in “carbone” oak, side panels are in transparent glass while shelves are in extra-bright transparent glass. Back panels are in melamine “carbone” oak or in transparent glass, to further lighten such an elegant bookcase unit. The composition is closed with the “Iron” doors in transparent glass, with a metal profile painted in iron. The available compositions start from a minimum 1226 mm wide up to the version exhibiting 4 units, L.4826 mm. Possibility to add internal spots.
  4. Infinity
    Design Antonio Citterio (2004)
    Design Antonio Citterio Design year 2004
    Flexform comes from and are producing their products in the small North Italian town Meda renowned for its high quality furniture production. The Flexform brand is now instantly recognisable worldwide. The close collaboration over the last two decades with architect Antonio Citterio led not only to single pieces of furniture, but also large sofa configurations – oases of comfort that radically change the way we entertain and socialise. Clean unfussy lines and impeccable production – to keep, enjoy and pass on to the next generation.
  5. Metro Super Erecta
    Metro is the world leader of home shelving and storage. Their wire shelving can brighten any room in your home or apartment including the family room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, home office, and general storage areas.
  6. Nex Pur Box
    Design Piure
    Design Piure
    Nex Pur is a fine selection of different versions of the furni- ture range Nex. Luxurious, with a delicate interplay of lines and „made in Germany“. The furniture is available in white, attractive in price and available within 14 days. The range offers many different possibilities as there are boxes, shelves and cabinets in different lengths and widths which can be com- bined at your will. Highly refined in detail, mitre 9 jointed, with fine shadow gaps and variable – Nex Pur boxes can be composed in many different ways as there are 20 different versions of them. At your disposal there are door, drawer and flap-boxes in heights 37.5 cm, 50 cm and 75 cm as well as in widths of 60 cm and 120 cm. Step-boxes with a coloured top-unit in width 120 cm and the media box in height 37.5 cm and width 120 cm make the collection com- plete. Always in white, 48 cm deep, on glide- or corner legs and perfectly finished.
  7. Oak Stonecut
    Design Ethnicraft
    Design Ethnicraft
  8. PO Medicine Cabinet
    Design Thomas Erickson
    Design Thomas Erickson
  9. Reflect
    Design Søren Rose
    Design Søren Rose
    Reflect owes its stunning and unique look to the phenomenon under which it was envisioned: The natural light of Scandinavia. The four corners on each front have a unique thickness and curve that contribute to the light reflections of the drawers. The design and craftsmanship also underlines the warm and natural feeling of the oak wood, as well as giving a salute to the masters of classic Scandinavian furniture making
  10. Sistema K1
    Wall system, made with uprights, shelves and containers. The variety of heights, lengths and depths, of the components, allows you to make bookshelves, wardrobes, exhibition etc.
  11. Sistema K2
    Pressure system composed by uprights in which shelves, drawers and clothes rails are fixed to make bookcases and wardrobes. The Sistema K2 can be placed against a wall or used as a room divider in an open space.
  12. Stacked
    Design JDS Architecs
    Design JDS Architecs
    JDS ARCHITECTS ON THE DESIGN: How to be specific and generic altogether? Shelving systems have a tendency to achieve one concern but never both. We decided to dimension shelving units based on the generic measurements of things to store and display while allowing for them to be combined according to specific needs and desires… the result can be at times a random stack of boxes or a coordinated grid of efficient storage… or both!
  13. String
    Design Nils Strinning (1949)
    Design Nils Strinning Design year 1949
    the string® system was designed in 1949. over 60 years it has evolved from being a ground-breaking concept to becoming one of the most loved pieces of classic scandinavian design. each component of the system is so well thought through that there is an almost infinite variety of combinations. thanks to the slim panels it’s possible to create a shelf large enough for any number of books and objects that still looks light. the components are available in a range of colours and materials, yet the measurements are fixed and have never been altered. that’s why a string® shelf can always be rebuilt, reinvented and transformed.
  14. String Pocket
    Design Nils Strinning (2005)
    Design Nils Strinning Design year 2005
    String® pocket is the smallest version of string®. it comes in a kit of two panels and three shelves – making a small bookcase that will fit in almost anywhere. if you get another kit something interesting will happen: doubling the number of panels more than doubles the possible number of sections, three instead of two. note that string® pocket can also be expanded vertically. string® pocket is already available in various colours, and this year we’re introducing three new choices: copper, raw and ash/white.
  15. String Works
    Design Björn Dahlström & Anna Von Schewen (2014)
    Design Björn Dahlström & Anna Von Schewen Design year 2014
    the string® system was designed in 1949 by nils strinning and has becoming one of the most loved pieces of classic scandinavian design. in 2014 string introduced a new line, suitable for work environments. string works is designed by björn dahlström & anna von schewen, with respect for the original design. it is adapted to modern offices with ergonomically work stations, practical storage and solutions for better acoustics in the room. string works can be supplemented with the string system, to create complete and individual solutions for large work areas or a home office.
  16. Tiller
    Design Piero Lissoni
    Design Piero Lissoni
    The Tiller Sideboard is available in two models, one vertical, 160 cm wide and one horizontal, 233 cm wide. Tiller has 4 doors which opens, one over the other, at 180°. A detail pleasantly changing its front design. Tiller is made in particle board with eucalyptus veneer and internal shelves in glass. Both models can be fitted with internal drawers in the same finish.
  17. Wall Box
    Design Ludwig Storm
    Design Ludwig Storm
    The idea behind Wall BOX was to design a modular shelf system, which could easily change its visual image. The back plate of the box is removable as it is attached with magnets. This makes it possible to choose and mix colours By rotating the Wall BOX 90 degrees, the effect of the light entering the box changes. This is a new take on the classic storage box.