1. Eiermann 1
    Design Egon Eiermann (1953)
    Design Egon Eiermann Design year 1953
    Unique in its many possible combination and use options, the Eiermann 1 Table is a real classic of furniture design. Egon Eiermann designed the original table frame with its slanted crossbars in 1953. The pared-down construction represents the ideal ratio between use of material and stability. For many years the original version seemed to have disappeared, replaced by a variety of frames that did not match the quality of the original. Then, in 1995, the Eiermann family granted Richard Lampert the sole manufacturing rights for the 1953 original, which is now available again in its original, demountable design. Careful detailing and first-class quality. Pure Eiermann. Exciting and flexible. Thanks to the many colour options for the frame, the many different material options for the tabletop, the different sizes available and a design with either centrally positioned or offset crossbars, the table is the ideal solution for worktops, desks and conference tables. Since 2014, the Eiermann table has also been available for more than one workstation or as a conference table with a 160 x 160 cm square tabletop that allows colleagues to work on the table from all sides. If necessary, it can even accommodate eight people … THE ORIGINAL
  2. Miss Moneypenny
    Design Ralph Kraeuter
    Design Ralph Kraeuter
    "Moneypenny, what would i do without you?" Good agents know why they trust their secretary since 1951. Reliable and timeless beauty – Get your very own miss moneypenny secretary by radius design. The successful interpretation of an unexpressed love by the extraordinary mix of steel and wood fits into many different room designs. The integrated secret compartment is not the accommodation for an automatic handgun but to hide the wiring of your equipment.
  3. Pey
    Design Massana-Tremoleda
    Design Massana-Tremoleda
    System of desks and tables for domestic use, as well as for a range of public areas. The range has all the components and accessories required for an adaptable versatile and homogenous office.
  4. Two tops secretary
    Design Marcel Wanders (2004)
    Design Marcel Wanders Design year 2004
    Marcel Wanders made a mistake, He fixed the table-top under the supporting bars instead of on top, and found a space which was always there but was never seen. He created a lid to cover and to hide and change a few hundred years of classic table-making.