Wiper Concrete

Wiper Concrete

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For the love of spotless tiles and dry socks

Use Wiper after your shower to help prevent calcium deposits on floor and tiles - and to make sure you’ll never get wet socks again.

Kasper Rønn from Norm Architects explains: “With Wiper we really focused on finding the point where there was nothing more we could possibly add or subtract, to make it a better product. It was a bit of a test to see just how simple it could be made”.

The result is a wiper, easy to grip and use, and easily maintained as it’s fully covered in silicone and without any joints. The cord in the top allows you to hang it in the shower or on a little hook, to add a clean graphical expression on your bathroom wall
Specifications L 26 - H 19 cm
Materials Silicone, steel, PU leather and stainless steel

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