Design Jaime Hayon Designyear 2007 Manufacturer Bd Barcelona

Jaime Hayon has energy, talent and a style of his own, which are all distilled into the Showtime collection he has designed for Bd Barcelona design. This happy encounter between a young designer and a veteran producer has led to the birth of a furniture collection meant for the home, but which has the adaptability and the personality needed for contract furnishing. A collection in which plastics consort with upholstery, the gleam of lacquered wood and the tradition of fine ceramics. In these contrasts between classicism and modernity, Showtime reflects what has always been the very essence of Bd.
Specifications Chair: H 95 - W 79 – D 72 – arm 67 – seat 43 cm
Hooded chair: H 168 – W 90 - D 82 – arm 67 – seat 43 cm
Sofa: H 95 – W 145 – D 73 – arm 67 – seat 43 cm
Materials Rotomoulded medium-density polyethylene

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