SE 68 Dining Chair

Design Egon Eiermann Design year 1951 Manufacturer Wilde + Spieth

The classic multipurpose chair. To this day Eiermann’s SE 68 is unique in its minimalist design and its seating comfort.

A tubular steel frame in conjunction with an „orga- nically“ shaped seat and backrest made of moul- ded wood – the SE 68 was the earliest model in Germany in this combination of materials. A real trend setter...

To give furniture a „human dimension“, that was Egon Eiermann’s goal – and anyone who has ever sat on his SE 68 knows then at the latest that hardly anyone lived up to this aim as much as the self-confessed perfectionist himself.
Specifications Seat H 46 - Seat W 44 - Seat D 42 - H 79 cm
Colours Stained black, grey, yellow, red, green or blue, lacquered white, teak, beech, maple or walnut

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