Visu chair

Design Mika Tolvanen Manufacturer Muuto

The task was to create a personal interpretation of the ever-relevant plywood chair. Mika Tolvanen wanted his chair to have an unobtrusive and timeless nature that is familiar but never boring and without sacrificing function or ergonomics. Designing a family of chairs, visually releated but for different functions, was an iterative and thorough process lasting nearly two years. In the end, Mika Tolvanen thinks every detail is exactly as it is supposed to be
Specifications W 45,5 - D 50 - H 78 - seat 45,5 cm
Colours Wire base / lacquered shell: White/white, black/black, grey/grey, green/green, yellow/yellow, rose/rose, stainless steel/oak

Wire base / upholstered shell: Black/Field 132, black/Field 142, black/Steelcut 190, grey/Field 932, grey/Steelcut Trio 133

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