Bubble lamp - Saucer

Design George Nelson Designyear 1947 Manufacturer Herman Miller

Bubble Lamps are one of those designs that seem to live forever. The obvious simple lines are signed by architect George Nelson and were put into production for the first time in 1952.

Today his name does not evoke the same recognition by the general public as the contemporaries Charles and Ray Eames. This is said to be a historical injustice. Nelson is at least as much the personification of 50s modernism. The hard-working American designer has had a deep impact in the decors of commercial and residential offices right up till today.

The revered Bubble Lamps were drawn as early as 1947. The lamps are constructed from a steel frame covered with a thin plastic. The design provides a strong but soft light that does not disturb your eyes. The lamps are produced step by step by hand, using the same rules, Nelson assigned in the early fifties.
Specifications Small: Ø 45 - H 19,1 cm
Medium: Ø 63,5 - H 24,1 cm
Large: Ø 92 - H 45 cm

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