Design Equipo Santa & Cole Designyear 2004 Manufacturer Santa & Cole

The GT7 lampshade is a GT5 blown up to outsize proportions in order to meet the needs of even the largest public spaces. Its ribboned construction filters a richly varied light. When not lit the GT7 is a handsome decorative element. Its impressive presence, its repetition and colour combination are enough to create spaces with great personality."

Light source: Max. 3x60 W - E 27 incandescent"
colours="Unbleached – red / amber – black"
materials="Steel - bookbinding tape - parchment
Specifications Shade: Ø 80 – 90 – H 44 cm
Diffuser: Ø 60 cm
Colours Bookbinding tape: Unbleached, red/amber or black
Raw color ribbons: Terracotta, mustard or green
Materials Steel, bookbinding tape/raw color ribbons and parchment

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