Design Antoni Arola Manufacturer Santa & Cole

The Moaré (Moiré) series is so called due to the effect of the two superimposed cylindrical shades. This is another fantastic result of the research into materials carried out by Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole.The screens of these series of lamps are made of a material used in industrial curtains; they create a luminous effect of symmetrical waters, as if iridescent fabric was being used. The moiré effect occurs when the two similar weaves are superimposed.
Specifications Moaré S: H 34 – Ø 35 cm
Moaré M: H 45 – Ø 46 cm
Moaré L: H 60 – Ø 62 cm
Moare X: H 80 – Ø 83 cm
Colours White, blue, red or grey
Materials Fabric and PVC