Spun Reflector

Manufacturer Davey Lighting

Factory-style reflector pendants are sure to put design aficionados in a spin. Hand-crafted at Davey’s Birmingham metal works, the pendants are available in two finishes: interior and exterior-polished aluminium or weathered copper with a polished copper interior.

Shades are created by pressing sheet metal over a chuck, or mould, in order to create the desired shape. While the majority of today’s manufacturers use steel chucks for a perfectly smooth finish, Davey has re- introduced a mid-century wooden chuck found in the archives. Rough from years of use, the chuck leaves a wood grain imprint in the metal, giving each light a beautifully individual, unprocessed look.
Specifications Medium: H 29,5 - Ø 40
Large: H 43,5 - Ø 60

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