Lampe Gras N 411

Design Bernard-Albin Gras Design year 1921 Manufacturer DCW

La Lampe Gras has an exceptional place in the history of lamps. The lamps, designed and manufactured in 1921, pioneered a new way of lighting. Their creator, the engineer Bernard-Albin Gras, realised an aesthetic design that was in perfect harmony between function and design. However, it was Le Corbusier that made the lamp a modern classic. Using his own terminology, Le Corbusier deemed the lamps a type-object; an object reduced to its pure function. He used La Lampe Gras in his interiors and his own office. Many avant-garde personalities have used the lamps and helped bring them to their legendary status, including Eileen Gray, Michel Roux-Spitz, Sonia Delaunay, Georges Braque, and many others.
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Colours Black satin, black satin/red satin, black satin/blue satin, black satin/yellow satin or black satin/chrome

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