Design Gonzalo & Miguel Milá Design year 2009 Manufacturer Santa & Cole

AMIGO (which stands for Aplique Miguel y Gonzalo, or ‘Miguel and Gonzalo’s ceiling lamp’) is the first joint project from this father/son team, who perfectly represent two generations of Spanish design. Available in three sizes, its functional virtues are truly unusual: fluorescence with complete sealing and diffuse luminosity by means of a vertical shade that stops insects getting in and also protects the fitting. It produces a halo of filtered light and avoids lateral dazzling - all with an impeccable simplicity where nothing is superfluous.
Specifications Small: Ø 31 - D 5 cm
Medium: Ø 41 - D 7 cm
Large: Ø 62 - D 11 cm
Colours White
Materials White metallic structure. White translucent plastic cylindrical diffuser.
Light source Small: Fluorescent. T5-R. Circular: 22 W 2GX13
Medium: Fluorescent. T5-R. Circular: 55 W 2GX13
Large: 2 x Fluorescent. T5-R. Circular: 60 W 2GX13
Safety IP54