Maija 15 Table Lamp

Design Ilmari Tapiovaara Designyear 1955 Manufacturer Santa & Cole

A lamp that knows how to be functional and intimate. Santa & Cole has re-edited this Finnish classic from 1955, bringing back two versions that add LED technology to the light housed inside.

In the language of Finnish functionalism, the Maija series conveyed the feeling of Baltic light from the inside outwards, with a graceful, durable structure reminiscent of the childish honeycomb of naughty honey bee Maya, the heroine of stories and cartoons that originally inspired its name.

Maija was a very popular lamp from the start. It was the only one made by this first major Finnish industrial non-architect designer after Alvar Aalto, and who is now recognised as a maestro of generations.

An opaque body with a brass structure fragmented into superimposed plates, filters and directs its happy inner light. The whole series of the famous Finnish classic comprises floor, table top and hanging versions.
Specifications H 33 - Ø 18 cm
Materials Metallic lampshade finished in matte white.
Brass legs finished in matte.
Diffuser in white translucent engineering plastic.
Dimmer included.

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