Manufacturer Liggestolen

Liggestolen is the original Danish lounger, made from rattan.

In the 30s it was used in Danish nursing homes for recreation, but since then it has been virtually forgotten. Now the actress Mette Munk Plum has given the rattan deck chair the honor and dignity it deserves.

Rattan is a strong and durable yet very light natural material. Therefore the chair weighs almost nothing and is easy to move around. It is handmade and untreated, so every single chair will, in time, get its own unique expression. At the same time it achieves a warmer, golden brown glow.

With its simple design, the deck chair becomes one with nature and fits in anywhere. You can unfold it and take a nap, or the footrest can be bent under the seat and then you have a lounge chair. After use, it is easy to fold together and put away.

If you store the Deck Chair indoors during the winter, it can last for many years. Some of the original copies from the 30s are still around the Danish gardens today.

Chair: The deck chair is made of rattan, a climbing-plant like the willow and bamboo. The plant meets the demands of sustainability. When you cut the plant off at the root, shoot it again. When rattan canes are heated, they become bendable and shaped into various furniture - such as the deck chair.

Madras: As the old-fashioned quilts with the solid quality. This is a kapok madras. The madras has cotton exterior and is filled with kapok inside. Kapok is a natural material of fine, light fibers and a blend of wool and cotton. The fibers are taken out of the fruit of the kapok tree. When it ripes, the fruit is used for stuffing pillows and madras. Kapok tree, which forms the fruit, grows in the tropics.

If you want to use the lounger as an armchair, you can fold the footrest under the seat.
Specifications Liggestolen: L 200 - W 55 - SH 35 cm
Madras: L 200 - B 50 - H 4 cm

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