OGK Savbriks daybed

Design Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen Designyear 1962 Manufacturer Skovshoved Møbelfabrik

The daybed is designed by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen in 1962. It was designed for his son which was about to go on a camping trip. Seeing that the son was sick with a sore throat the caring father designed the daybed so his son would not have to sleep on the ground.

The daybed is designed from the bucksaw principle and the name Savbriks means "bucksaw bed".

With practice the OGK daybed can be assembled in 2 minutes and comes in a bag with shoulder strap if you which to take it to the beach or where ever a nap is needed.

The product is very green and no screws are needed for assembly.
Specifications H 35 - W 80 - L 200 cm
Colours Natural or brown/black
Materials Beech wood, canvas and sisal

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